Opportunities for Small Groups

Small Groups:

Mens Bible Study: Contact Bill Zender at (228) 297-1859

Women’s Bible Study: Contact Jenny Savell at (228) 447-5760

Bible Study with the Kinsey’s: Contact Elizabeth Kinsey at (228)-235-3539

Senior Sneakers Exercise Group: Contact Marguerite Pivarnik at (228) 369-8349

Children Fellowship: Contact Michele Brasher at (228) 990-6736

Youth Fellowship: Contact Evan Wesson at (228) 238-5607

JOYS-Senior Adults Fellowship: Contact Keely Horn at (228)-235-3539

Prayers and Squares Quilting: Contact Elizabeth Kinsey at (228)-235-3539

Youth Sunday School: Contact Evan Wesson at (228) 238-5607

Young Adult Sunday School: Contact Lewis Sims at (228) 696-8817

Remnants Sunday School: Contact Dewey Lane at (228) 238-3369

 Pre K-4th Grade and 5th-6th Grade Sunday School: Contact Michele Brasher at (228) 990-6736

College Students Sunday School: Contact Madeline Waddell at (228) 217-2621

Crusaders: Contact Alice Walker at (228) 217-6948